During my time at LLM Publications from July 2019 until my promotion to Layout Designer in March 2022, I had the opportunity to create a plethora of ads across our numerous trade associations' digital and print magazines and publications.

Working closely with clients, I crafted professional designs that showcased their companies in a manner they could be proud of. From full-page ads to smaller formats like 1/6- and 1/8-page ads, I navigated the world of print and digital mediums, bringing forth a vibrant work spanning magazines, directories, emails, and websites.

As the sole ad designer at LLM Publications for nearly 3 years, I dedicated myself to providing meticulous attention to each client I helped. Subject to my sharp eye for detail, every ad that came across my desk was checked for stray marks, misspellings, and proper formatting to deliver flawless designs. Drawing inspiration from a company's attitude, website, and vision, I skillfully used type and imagery to bring each work's unique style to life within the confines of each workspace. The deliberate selection of colors, strategic placement, and modern techniques guided the viewer's gaze to the most vital information.

While designing ads can be enjoyable, the thing that I feel is ultimately the most important is what the viewer learns in the few moments they spend looking over a page. My goal was to create designs that struck a balance between education and visual satisfaction. Whether it was a clean, fun, fancy, or modern aesthetic, I aimed to captivate viewers and convey key messages meaningfully.

As you view the images below briefly, let the showcased designs speak for themselves. They are a testament to the dedication and expertise I bring to every project. I invite you to delve into the visual journey and witness the impact of my designs firsthand.


Created with intention.
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