Since I joined LLM Publications in July 2019, I have created numerous ads for various magazines and publications. Much of my work has involved resizing ads to proper publication sizes, adding bleeds, or recreating low-resolution submissions in sharp, print-quality.

Above all, my most valuable hours have been the ones I've spent working with clients to create professional designs that present their company in a light that they're proud of. I have done everything from printed full-page and double-page ads down to 1/6- and 1/8-page ads. My work has displayed across colorful print magazines, directories, and even digitally in boxes and banners across our digital email and website offerings.

Despite the fact that I work as the sole ad designer at LLM Publications, every request that comes across my desk receives my thorough attention. I have a keen eye for stray marks, misspellings, and proper formatting for print. I strive to work with the style I can discern from a company's attitude, website, and vision, and express that through type and imagery. The size of the workspace chosen for each client works as both my constraint and guideline. Colors in my work are chosen with intention, and placement leads the eyes to the most valuable information.

While designing ads can be enjoyable, the thing that I feel is ultimately the most important is what the viewer learns in the few moments they spend looking over a page. Whether it's clean, fun, fancy, or modern, design should always stride the line between education and visual satisfaction. I hope you can see my own endeavor over the months to pursue that balance within the few samples of my work below.


Selected Works

Saint CupcakeRetail Design

Ambience Lightgloving ClubExtracurricular Design

Created with intention.
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