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Hiakato Draconas is a graphic designer in Bellingham, WA offering a B.A. in Media Studies from U.C. Berkeley. Her background in branding, merchandise, photography, event marketing, and visual communication lends itself to a diverse and venturesome approach to distinct consumer impressions.

Hiakato is fueled by her endless fascination with the ways in which people connect and view their world. She views curiosity as her driving force, eager to both continue expanding her academic background in visual representation and to keep in touch with the latest direction of design through independent inquiry and professional development. Her motivation to infuse working atmospheres with positivity, enthusiasm, and genuine experiences has contributed to her success at LLM Publications. There, as the former sole advertising designer and  recently new publication designer, she has held a crucial role for her coworkers, advertisers, lead staff, and new hirees. Meanwhile, outside the workplace, she continues to push for greater success, creativity, and productivity in everyday life.

Whether drafting better guidelines for new employees or inventing new systems of organization across multiple locations, she is dedicated to the question: “What is the best way to do this?” Hiakato believes the dedication to be more is the key to success in and out of the workplace—a tenet she lives out through her interests in resistance training, health supplementation, personal development, and eccentric photography.

Hiakato is concentrated on bringing her passion and crisp outlook to field of graphic design and branding. Reach out to via the contact page to connect!


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