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Hiakato Draconas is a graphic designer in Bellingham, WA offering a B.A. in Media Studies from U.C. Berkeley and over 4 years of experience in publication and advertising design. Her background in branding, merchandise, photography, event marketing, and visual communication lends itself to a diverse and spacious approach to memorable consumer impressions.

Hiakato is fueled by her endless fascination with the ways in which people connect and view their world. She lives a life dedicated to curiosity as her driving force, endlessly eager to keep learning more about people and keep her eyes open to new problem-solving solutions. Through her work and digital artwork communities online, Hiakato strives to sate a deep hunger to find the freshest directions in design and media and to develop her own creativity further. In her eyes, life without the flavor of constant change is boring. Her motivation to spread this fiery positivity, enthusiasm, and authenticity with her working atmosphere has contributed to her success at LLM Publications. There, as a publication designer and former sole advertising designer, she has put her heart and soul into standing up as a pillar of reliability for her coworkers, clients, advertisers, lead staff, and new hires.

Meanwhile, outside the workplace, Hiakato continues to push for greater success and broadened thinking in everyday life. Whether coming up with new home automations to optimize home life, looking online for tinkering projects, or redoing personal systems of organization, she is dedicated to the question: “What is the best way to do this?” Hiakato believes the dedication to be "more" is the key to success in and out of the workplace—a tenet she lives out through her interests in electronics and 3D printing, programming, photography, painting, running, hiking, mental health, and personal development.

Hiakato is concentrated on bringing her passion and crisp outlook to field of graphic design and branding. Reach out to via the contact page to connect!


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